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      The “chief of the gang” draws a gallows on a piece of paper or on a board. They also draw as many underscores as needed for the word or phrase that they secretly keep in their mind. The rest of the players spell random letters until they guess the hidden word or phrase. For every wrong guess a part of human body is sketched. When the body is completed and the word is not found yet, the “chief” gets the win. Whoever finds the hidden word or phrase, before the human body is sketched is called the winner. Could you guess our "secret" word?
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      9 boxes sketched out of 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines and 2 players that have to choose either O or X to put in the boxes. One after the other draws their symbol. Whoever manages first a line of 3 O or 3 X horizontally, vertically or diagonally is the winner.
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      A street game played by children when they sketch a triangle on the pavement. They make a tower of stones on every corner of the triangle. Then they throw a stone trying to bring the tower of stones down. The winner should manage to get the most pieces of the falling tower into the triangle.
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