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      Cypriot Agrino (mouflon) is a kind of wild sheep and is found only in Cyprus. Due to its uniqueness, its rarity and grace, is considered a symbol for Cyprus.
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      Chioni, according to mythology, is considered to be a nymph, daughter of Aenopionas who was the first habitant and king of Chios.
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      On Exodus night all of Messolonghi's inhabitants that were under siege decided to put on their best clothes and exit the city to their freedom or to their death.    
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      The Greek golden sun (the Greek word is helios) beams shine through the earrings and the necklace we have created. Karpathos' infinite light has inspired us for those pieces of jewellery. Choose out of two sizes the one that suits you best. Combine it with Helios necklace for a stunning statement.
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      Honor is what mattered the most for people that lived in Messolonghi during the Ottoman domination. This is the reason they decided to exit the city although they knew that death was expected.
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      The worship of ancient goddess Isis in Cyprus, was connected to rituals for soul's purification; a necessary procedure to pass the immortality.
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      Liras from Karpathos' folklore costumes and scarfs come with the karpasso flower engraved on. An absolute stylish piece of jewel.
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      Princess Meropi was Enopiona's daughter. Enopionas was the first mythic king o island Chios.