All of our jewelry and elements are made of brass and have been through the plating process.  Their brass base has been filmed with noble metal such as gold 24K, palladium and rhodium (black and white) which affects their color and not their surface’s texture.

Our gold plating jewelry and elements have been also layered with protective antioxidant liquid for one year extra subsistence. Furthermore, they are double gold plated.  This procedure is not needed for the rhodium jewelry.

Surfing in our site you will meet silver 925 made jewelry and elements. We can produce anything out of silver 925 so e-mail us in [email protected] to ask for it.  Custom made good’s price will be different than appeared.

Some of our products host enamel which is a very sensitive material and its extended exposure to sun and sea water can be harmful for its glossy texture and color.


Unfortunately, color’s wear off can’t be avoided but it can be retarded.  In order to make your jewelry’s shined longer, it is crucial not to bring them in touch with any chemical such as fragrance, lotion, crème, douche, sea, swimming pool, spa whatsoever.  It is recommended even to dodge washing the dishes wearing the jewelry.  The plating color will eventually fade because of the skin’s PH making the bass or the silver base, visible.

Especially silver is a material being oxidized as it is exposed to atmosphere’s sulfur thus it gets a black color.  However you shouldn’t be concerned about this because there are special liquids and natural methods that can bring its bright silver color back.

It is suggested to store your jewelry in velvet cases, special boxes or even inside their initial purchase box when they are not used to embellish yourself.  This is a way to keep them safe away from damaging air molecules.


We are delighted to offer you one free retouch on each and every piece of jewelry you buy from us.  Basically we are talking about extra plating that will give your item its lost vivid back.  Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail in [email protected] or in phone number +30697.0092.193 to be informed about the procedure.

If a retouch is needed again, please contact us as well in order to let you know for the cost.

All of our jewelry can be repaired. Contact us to estimate the damage and the ways that this can be fixed.  As we thoroughly check every item before it is shipped to you, we are absolutely sure about its flawless condition.  Therefore the repair and the trading cost are undertaken by you.

At this point, it is essential to be clarified that jewelry not bought from us can’t be accepted for retouch or repair.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted so it’s possible that the piece you will receive to be slightly different from the one in the site’s picture. However, we hope that you will love it!